In 2017 Olga has started her work for The Fuchsia Project with The Team Imagineers, the artists group has received funding from the National Lottery and are feeling the responsibility of putting money to good use in the community. This project is supporting people who are often isolated through teaching them dance, ceramics and felting. During the project Olga will be teaching Biodanza at the Carshalton Environmental Fair and the Pavilion Cafe in Beddington Park for public workshops and for isolated diverse communities and groups - Clusters, a center open to all over-18s with any disability, Home Education group, Russian Community in London, Women’s group in Sutton and a small group of elderly patients at Cloverdale Court in a monthly art group.

‘Olga Bastable led the Biodanza event at Clusters for The Fuchsia Project. It was a heart warming event inspiring confidence, love, caring and sharing.’  

In the 2018 Olga will be teaching Biodanza for the Acute Stroke Unit in St.Helier Hospital. Olga is part of Team Imagineers who have been working closely with CREATE (Collaborative Rehabilitation Environments in Acute Stroke, a study concerned with improving rehabilitation in Stroke Units across the country) and St Helier Hospital's Acute Stroke Unit.

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